Shuffleboard Courts

Enhance your backyard with a VersaCourt Shuffleboard Court. Because of their beauty, low maintenance and affordable cost, these courts are fueling a rapid growth in popularity of this fun game that is perfect for all ages. They are available in many  sizes and color combinations and come with an industry leading warranty to ensure lasting memories for years to come.

backyard shuffleboard court

Key Features

  • Playability - Perfect glide surface for disc
  • Low Maintenance - Clean with hose or leaf blower
  • Easy Installation - Works on almost any flat surface
  • Portable - Easy to assemble and disassemble
  • Multi-functional – Can be integrated into a multi-game court
  • Durable - Strong enough to support weight of vehicles (can be placed on driveway)


VersaCourt shuffleboard courts can be installed on nearly any flat surface in about 30-45 minutes.  For those with flat driveways and extra storage space, it can be the ideal game to set up for parties and other gatherings.

Design and Installation

Our team can assist with all elements of the design and installation process.  You can choose from numerous standard court sizes in a wide variety of color combinations and we can even personalize your court with custom logos.  Once the design is complete, our installation team can excavate the land, pour the base and assemble the court tile.

VersaCourt outdoor shuffleboard courts